Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie present an anti-motion-smoothing PSA

Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie present an anti-motion-smoothing PSA

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There’s no denying Tom Cruise is passionate about movies. And like any film fanatic worth their 55-inch, 4k flat screen, Cruise is no fan of the “motion smoothing” effect that comes as a factory setting on many TVs.

For those unaware, “motion smoothing” aims to reduce motion blur while watching sporting events and other live programming, but a side effect of this is that when watching films or television shows, the image looks like a soap opera, which is probably not what the filmmaker intended, and the conscientious Cruise and McQuarrie want to make sure it doesn’t impact any home viewings of Mission: Impossible – Fallout on Blu-ray. Very nice of them too.

The actor-director pair have recorded an anti-motion smoothing public service announcement from the set of the sequel Top Gun: Maverick (which McQuarrie is helping co-write) to stress the importance of turning motion smoothing off and explain how it can be done. This is actually really useful since many are unaware that something is wrong with their expensive TV image and turning this feature off can make a world of difference.

The tweet has been liked over 94k times and retweeted 23k times, so clearly a lot of people are now better informed.

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