Resident Evil 2 merch includes ‘Zombie Scented Candle’ and ‘R.P.D Pin Badge’

Resident Evil 2 merch includes ‘Zombie Scented Candle’ and ‘R.P.D Pin Badge’

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Numbskull Designs has announced a collection of official Resident Evil 2 merch it will be releasing alongside next year’s remake of Capcom’s iconic survival horror game.

Undoubtedly, the standout is the Resident Evil 2 Zombie Candle, which Numbskull promises is “scented with the smell of a rotting zombie”. Who could possibly refuse to allow such an alluring aroma into their home? The grotesque block of wax comes in a decorative metallic tin and has a burn time of roughly 40 hours. That’s nearly two days of death stinking up the place – lovely.

Elsewhere, you can pick up an R.P.D. Collector’s Pin, which you’ll probably be more proud of displaying. The premium quality enamel pin is of the Racoon City Police Department badge and comes in its own collector’s display box.

There are also a handful of more practical items available, including t-shirts, mugs and flashlight keyrings.

The full collection is available to browse right now over on the Numbskull Resident Evil store page.

You can place your pre-orders now too and the products will launch to coincide with the release of Resident Evil 2 on January 25 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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