No Dragon Ball Super: Broly screenings near you? Request one!

No Dragon Ball Super: Broly screenings near you? Request one!

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Want to watch Dragon Ball Super: Broly on the big screen, but can’t find a cinema near you that’s showing it at the right time? Well, Manga Entertainment wants to hear from you, with the UK distributor creating an online request form to gauge demand for additional screenings.

The survey – which can be found here – gives anime fans the opportunity to request a Dragon Ball Super: Broly theatrical screening in their area, with options for different times, dates and languages. Filling out the form does not guarantee that a screening will be forthcoming, of course, but Manga Entertainment says that it will look into booking additional Broly screenings where there is significant demand.

However, the survey applies to the UK and Ireland only – the region where Manga has licensing rights to the film. The company also cautioned over-enthusiastic fans not to submit multiple requests using different email addresses, as “this skews the data, and if we programme screens that under perform compared to this info. we will not be able to use methods like this for future releases”.

Directed by erstwhile Dragon Ball Super helmer Tatsuya Nagamine and scripted by original Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly opens in UK theatres on 23 January 2019. Tickets for the much-anticipated anime movie are on sale at

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