+++UPDATED+++ Miley Cyrus set to appear in an episode of Black Mirror

+++UPDATED+++ Miley Cyrus set to appear in an episode of Black Mirror

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As the expected/hoped-for release date for the fifth season of Black Mirror draws closer, more rumors/leaks/stories seem to be emerging.

Along with the latest speculation surrounding the date it will air on Netflix – current belief is that we can expect it on December 28th – news has broken that Miley Cyrus will appear in an episode of Charlie Brooker’s epic, tech-themed Twilight Zone-style drama-with-a-twist.

The incredibly talented singer revealed the news during an interview with Howard Stern. During the interview, Cyrus explained that she hasn’t actually spoken the name of the series because no one said that she could officially talk about her role in it yet. But, she did tell Stern that if he guessed the name of the series she would shake her head yes or no.

When he mentioned Black Mirror, she shook her head yes and Stern told the audience that she confirmed the Black Mirror role. She went on to say:

”I’m really actually excited for everyone to watch the ‘headshaking project’ we said yes to [before]. The minute I say I never want to do something again, all of a sudden, there I am.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes that she went on to say that even though she hates everything that she’s starred in, for the first time she is “really proud” of her work. She went on to say that she plays a dynamic role in the show that has a “lot of different sides” to the character. She was actually filming her episode when the Malibu fire swept through and burnt her house to the ground:

“There’s a lot of dimension to it, and actually it was while the devastation of Malibu was happening, and it was a really weird learning experience for me, because I was so far from home and the show is already really dark, and it’s already kind of eerie when you’re there the whole time. But I learned a lot about myself and I think I was able to use that and put that into it.”

It has also been reported that first episode of the season will be called “Bandersnatch”. This title may, or may not, relate to an old 1984 game about a group of computer nerds locked away together to try and create the ultimate Commodore 64 and 48k Spectrum game.

That said, a search for “Bandersnatch” on Urban Dictionary, reveals quite a lot of meanings behind the word, from Jabberwocky to Alice in Wonderland…plus a few others.

+ + + UPDATE + + + TV Guide reports (via an eagle-eyed redditor) that a feature-length Black Mirror movie hits Netflix December 28. While no story details beyond the title were included in the Netflix banner for the episode, it did reveal that it’ll be an hour and 30 minutes long. Even the epic season two closer White Christmas starring Jon Hamm was only 73 minutes long.

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