Black Mirror, new trailer confirms tomorrow’s Bandersnatch episode

Black Mirror, new trailer confirms tomorrow’s Bandersnatch episode

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Last year, Netflix dropped the fourth season of the trippy sci-fi series on December 29th, just in time for a binge between Christmas and New Year’s. This year Netflix is also dropping new Black Mirror on December 28th, but it’s not a full season. Instead, it’s billed as “a Black Mirror event” and is rumored to be the highly anticipated “choose your own adventure”-style episode.

The Black Mirror: Bandersnatch trailer teases the story of a young programmer in 1984 who’s working to adapt a famous (and sprawling) fantasy novel into a video game from an infamous author. But as he sets about adapting the game, he faces “a mind-mangling challenge” of his own.

Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) stars and alongside him are Will Poulter (Maze Runner) and Asim Chaudhry. David Slade directs and he’s no stranger to Black Mirror as he helmed the Metalhead episode last season, where a woman is chased by robotic dogs after the unexplained collapse of human society. (In the trailer, a poster that reads METL HEDD with a dog-like figure can be seen.)

According to /Film and IMDb, Bandersnatch will consist of 312 minutes of total footage, with the actual runtime coming closer to 90 minutes once folks choose their path.

Netflix is keeping the rest of Black Mirror under wraps for now, and it doesn’t appear as though the entire fifth season will be dropping this week like they did last year. But if Bandersnatch is indeed a groundbreaking event in which viewers can choose how the story plays out, that’ll keep folks busy for quite a while.

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