Viking board game Reavers of Midgard sails onto Kickstarter

Viking board game Reavers of Midgard sails onto Kickstarter

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Reavers of Midgard, the sequel to acclaimed worker placement board game Champions of Midgard, is currently live on Kickstarter from publisher Grey Fox Games. Funded within six minutes of going live, the crowdfunding campaign has already raised more than £180,000.

A standalone title set in the same Norse-inspired universe as Champions, Reavers of Midgard sees 2-4 players compete to gain the most glory over the game’s six turns – setting sail with their crew of rowdy Vikings and elite reavers to raid villages, sack castles and battle fearsome monsters on the high seas.

Designed by J.B. Howell with art by Yaroslav Radeckyi, Reavers of Midgard sports dice-based combat and a single worker placement mechanic, with each player placing a worker every turn on the location of their choice, which then becomes active for all players.

However, the signature feature of the game are the titular reavers themselves – mighty warriors who can be used in three different ways – to captain your ship, earning you a one-time bonus and making your warriors more versatile in combat; to recruit crew members for your next daring raid, filling your ship with hardy warriors; and to help your crew become more specialised, earning you a bonus every time your crew sails into battle.

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