UK Anime Round-Up 19 – 25 November: Do you want to play a game?

UK Anime Round-Up 19 – 25 November: Do you want to play a game?

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MVM gets its game face on with a collector’s edition Blu-ray and standard DVD release for No Game No Life: Zero, the prequel movie to Madhouse’s 2017 fantasy anime. Set 6,000 years before step-siblings Sora and Shiro arrive in the game-centric world of Disboard, the film adapts the sixth volume of Yuu Kamiya’s light novel series and follows young colony leader Riku and exiled android Schwi as they quest for the legendary Suniaster.

Also out from MVM this week is six-disc Blu-ray collector’s edition for Higurashi: When They Cry, featuring the first two seasons of Studio Deen’s supernatural murder mystery (50 episodes in all!), as well as five-episode OVA series When They Cry: Rei. Deaths, disappearances, paranoia and madness are on the cards when high schooler Keiichi’s family moves to Hinamizawa, a seemingly peaceful village that hides a terrible secret.

Anime Limited has a Blu-ray collector’s edition of its own in the shape of Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky, Sunrise’s 2016 compilation film of the first season of ONA series Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. Set during the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, the movie follows the fates of two rival aces – the Federation’s jazz-loving maverick Io Fleming and Zeon’s amputee sniper Daryl Lorenz.

Meanwhile, the second season of yaoi romcom Junjo Romantica snags a subtitle-only Blu-ray release from the Glasgow distributor. Another Studio Deen production, the 12-episode drama continues the story of college student Misaki and his unlikely lover, eccentric novelist Usami. Although the pair are slowly growing closer, their relationship is tested when Usami’s older brother appears and the two begin to vie for Misaki’s attention.

Manga Entertainment continues to release classic shonen shows, with this week seeing the arrival of Naruto Shippuden Box 34. Featuring episodes 431-444, the latest instalment of the long-running franchise plunges us back into the Fourth Great Ninja War, with all the fighters of the Allied Shinobi Forces except Naruto’s team caught in the eye of the Infinite Tsukuyomi – a powerful technique that traps its targets in illusions of their own making.

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