Privateer Press unleashes new-look kaiju brawler Monsterpocalypse

Privateer Press unleashes new-look kaiju brawler Monsterpocalypse

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Today sees the welcome return of Monsterpocalypse, Privateer Press’ tabletop game of giant monster and mecha combat. An updated and streamlined second edition of the 2008 title, Monsterpocalypse hits shelves with single-player starter sets for both of the game’s sides – the Protectors and the Destroyers – plus blister packs of supporting units.

Available in the US from today and set to arrive in the UK next week, Monsterpocalypse sees players deploying one or two giant monsters on a gridded city map, backed by an army of smaller fry designed to offer support and seize control of strategic points. The goal of the game is a simple one – crush, smash, shoot and pummel your opponent’s monsters into the ground. However, when a monster has soaked up enough damage its stats card flips over, unleashing the full fury of the creature’s hyper form.

Unlike its original collectable incarnation, the new Monsterpocalypse is a hobby miniatures game, replacing pre-painted blind box figures with higher quality unpainted minis. The launch day starter boxes showcase two of the games six factions, with the Protectors set featuring the human G.U.A.R.D led by mighty mech Defender X, while the Destroyers set includes the alien Planet Eaters and their fearsome boss Gorghadra.

Other factions on the way build on Monsterpocalypse’s cheerful B movie vibe, offering players the chance to field colossal dino Terra-Khan and the reptilian Terrasaurs, skyscraper-sized ninja Zor Maxim and his Shadow Sun Syndicate, tentacled terror Cthugrosh and the Lovecraftian Lords of Cthul, and the Martian Menace with their massive Ares Mothership. Also available will be special buildings that can be placed at the start of the game to buff your forces, such as a power station, corporate HQ or comms array.


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