Of course there’s now a Bowsette mod for Breath of the Wild

Of course there’s now a Bowsette mod for Breath of the Wild

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It seems the internet is still obsessed with Bowsette, going by a new video that shows the peculiar online sensation modded into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The video, spotted by GoNintendo and uploaded by ‘Lynard Killer’, replaces Link with Bowsette as she stomps around Hyrule setting fire to practically everything in her path. There’s even a little shield on her back that looks like Bowser’s shell – how cute!

It’s the latest in a long line of Breath of the Wild mods, which have added everything from Mario and Cappy to Naruto to the game. Obviously, the game hasn’t been released for PC, but through emulation software modders have been able to tinker with Nintendo’s vast open-world RPG.

As for Bowsette, are we finally going to see a downtown in creations featuring the Super Crown-inspired character? Or will the internet continue being its weird self and barrage our timelines with further fan art, mods and more of the Peach/Toadette/Bowser hybrid? Remember to use caution if you go searching for more of this craze online!

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