Kingdom Hearts is coming to PlayStation VR

Kingdom Hearts is coming to PlayStation VR

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At TGS 2018, Square Enix announced that you’ll be able to visit the world of their Disney RPG mash-up from an entirely new perspective in the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience.

The free download will immerse you in a 10-minute interactive video that includes some of the most iconic moments from the series so far. From the Japanese trailer above, it looks like that includes being able to wield a keyblade to dice through some Heartless in Mickey’s Castle.

You’ll also be able to unlock additional content by simply playing through the VR experience, though it’s not clear exactly what that will be just yet.

Kingdom Hearts VR Experience will be available to download “this Holiday season”.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts 3 is definitely 100%-for-realsies coming out on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. No more delays. It’s actually happening. It’ll also be 80 plus hours long, so there’s a lot of Disney goodness to sink into next year.

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