Killjoys cast interviews, part 3 – Aaron Ashmore

Killjoys cast interviews, part 3 – Aaron Ashmore

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“He’s always been more of a lover than a fighter” is one of the first things Aaron Ashmore (Smallville, Warehouse 13) says of his character John ‘Johnny’ Jaqobis when MyM meets him on the set of Killjoys. With production due to wrap soon on the show’s fifth and final season, it seems only fitting to ask him about the ladies in Johnny’s life, and what to expect once the fight is finally over.

“In season 4, one of the things we haven’t fully explored yet but I think is in the pipeline, is he’s starting to look at his future. Either we’re all going to die in this terrible war with the Lady, but if we win…what’s next? The writers discussed that for Johnny it might be something very different than he’s doing right now.” Johnny has had to grieve for a fair few lost loves over the series and seems to have benched any romantic notions for the time being in favour of more pressing matters.

That’s likely to addressed by the time the series ends. “I think with Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) getting together – not that he’s a third wheel or anything (he may have been afraid of that at some point but that’s not the case anymore) but I think he’s looking forward to what he wants out of life [and he likes D’avin’s suggestion of a farm and space goats]. Whereas before I think he was living in the moment and really enjoying the Killjoy lifestyle, now there’s something starting to scratch at the back of his head about where he’d really like to be in the future.”

Ironically season 4 starts off looking at Johnny’s past, as we learn about his first encounter with Dutch – and dancing! “I’m a terrible dancer; Hannah’s a fantastic dancer, so she made me look really good.” It comes as little surprise that in the scene, just like in the series, Hannah tends to do the leading. “They had to keep saying ‘Aaron you’re supposed to be leading this!’ But it was really really fun, and interesting to go back and explore those characters, when the audience and us as actors already know each other so well. So to strip some of that away and allow them to discover who each other are, was fun to do and I think fun for people to watch as well.”

Expect more backstory to be revealed, but perhaps with less musical flare: ” There are definitely some parts of Dutch’s past that we still don’t know about that will be filled out in the remainder of season 4. She’s just a wealth of backstory! But in terms of flashbacks, no we don’t get that.”

Though Johnny is widely acknowledged to be the heart of the show whom everyone loves, it’s an interesting twist to learn in season 4 that he started off on the back foot with both his Team Killjoys female counterparts. “I think it’s amazing to see where [Johnny and Lucy’s] relationship has gone, now they’re best friends in love, very similar to Dutch and John in that way. To see that they’re completely at odds and then to see that they get to this place where they’re there for each other no matter what is interesting.” However Aaron is under no illusions that their solid bond is wholly steadfast.

“I think that because Lucy is more than just an AI, there’s actually a personality that’s grown in her, just like any humans together, there could be something that drives them apart. So yes I think that’s always there, and I won’t say if we get to see that but there’s definitely a possibility because their relationship is human, almost. There are some big storylines for Lucy outside of her just being our 4th Killjoy; there are some pretty dramatic and interesting things that come down the line in the 5th season for her. ”

As to his newer relationship with Zeph (played by Kelly McCormack) Aaron warmly refers to it as ‘nerd competition’. “I think they do really respect each other; John’s more the technical aspect and Zeph is definitely more the biological but they still are competing in that nerd category and I think they like to butt heads a little bit.”

However before he runs off to resume his nerdy rivalry he takes a moment to tease what type of Killjoys ending he hopes for. “I would like [to go out in] a blaze of glory but I suspect it’ll be a happy ending. I think we may tie it up with a little bow, but we don’t know yet, we don’t have the script!

Killjoys season 4 currently airs on Syfy channel in the UK and Space channel in Canada.

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