Fortnite Monopoly is a thing that will exist soon

Fortnite Monopoly is a thing that will exist soon

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Is nothing safe from the all-consuming board game behemoth that is Monopoly? The soul-crushing attempt at family entertainment and capitalist’s dream has now claimed its latest victim: the immensely popular Fortnite.

According to Donald Mustard, worldwide creative director at Fortnite developers Epic Games, Fortnite Monopoly is “so so fun and such a unique spin on the classic game mashed up with last player standing Fortnite“. We’ll see about that.

From what we can gather looking at the game board, it appears properties have been swapped out for iconic locations from Fortnite, with each one costing you a certain amount of health points when you land on it. On the other hand, landing on a bonfire and passing go restores your HP. Much like the battle royale it’s based on, then, the aim is to survive as long as you can as you venture around the board.

In terms of other mechanics, Engadget reports that the infamous storm, which slowly drains the life of players if they’re caught in it, will also manifest in Fortnite Monopoly. Certain locations will be covered by the storm, draining more health from you if you land on that spot.

Dice rolls will also allow you to not only move but also attempt to shoot at fellow players, heal yourself or build. The first action feels like something that was probably in the original rules to Monopoly somewhere.

If you’re interested in subjecting yourself to Fortnite Monopoly then it’ll be in stores from October 1.

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