UK Anime Round-Up 6-12 August: Cyberpunks & Future Trunks

UK Anime Round-Up 6-12 August: Cyberpunks & Future Trunks

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Just two new titles out today, both from Manga Entertainment and both from iconic franchises – Production I.G’s Ghost in the Shell and Toei Animation actioner Dragon Ball.

First announced back in June, Manga UK’s Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex complete series collection is now also available in standard Blu-ray and DVD editions. Featuring all 52 episodes of the Kenji Kamiyama-helmed Stand Alone Complex and follow-up season 2nd GIG, these 14-disc box sets return us to Masamune Shirow’s near-future cyberpunk world as Major Motoko Kusanagi and her elite law enforcement unit Section 9 tackle high-profile cases of cybercrime, kidnapping and terrorism.

Also out this week is the latest instalment of Dragon Ball Super, featuring episodes 40-52 of Toei’s fantasy brawler. After wrapping up the Universe 6 tournament with a grand showdown between Goku and Hit, Dragon Ball Super Part 4 embarks on a five episode mini-arc where our heroes battle a cloned copy of Vegeta. Then we get to the main meat of this two-disc set – the beginning of the ‘Future Trunks arc, which sees our boy Trunks travel back from a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline with an urgent SOS…

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