Games Workshop’s Speed Freeks to hit the road in Orktober?

Games Workshop’s Speed Freeks to hit the road in Orktober?

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The Imperium has snagged shiny new Primaris and Custodes; the forces of Chaos have garnered Death Guard and Rubricae, but the poor old orks have sometimes felt like the red-headed stepchildren of the Warhammer 40K world – at least when it comes to the tabletop game itself. And nothing exemplified the greenskins’ neglect quite like the Warbuggy – an ancient, dumb-looking model that should have been purged from store shelves aeons ago.

Now, however, it looks like Games Workshop is showing da boyz some much-needed love, with a new video from its Warhammer Community team not only showcasing an updated dragster-style warbuggy with an October – sorry, ‘Orktober’ – release date, but also teasing a brand new Speed Freeks boxed set featuring a natty selection of Ork motors.

While Games Workshop is promising to reveal more details at this weekend’s Warhammer Fest in Düsseldorf, the game’s name combined with ‘leaked’ images of artwork and plastic sprues suggest that the new Speed Freeks will be a racing-focused reboot of classic ‘90s title Gorkamorka featuring 40K-scale Ork vehicle kits.

The Nottingham-based miniatures giant has been knocking it out of the park recently with revamps of Necromunda, Kill Team and Adeptus Titanicus, so here’s hoping that Speed Freeks does the same. And at the very least, Ork players have got themselves a truly badass new buggy!

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