K-Music Week in Review part 2: Seventeen, Holland, Saturday and more

K-Music Week in Review part 2: Seventeen, Holland, Saturday and more

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With so many releases happening each week, we have split our weekly review into two articles to make things more convenient. Our weekly K-music review posts are here to give you a helping hand and a quick look back to the notable releases from Korean artists in a weekly format. This article looks at releases and comebacks from July 16-18 2018

Seventeen – Oh My!
Released: July 16

Something that is consistent with Seventeen, is their ability to turn absolutely any release into an absolute top tune. Mixing powerful vocals with soft-pop and adding their absolute selling power-dance choreography, these young men are able to get even the grumpiest person onto their feet and dancing along. This release is going to be your summer anthem for 2018.

MaMaMoo – Egotistic
Released: July 16

Known as the power vocals of modern Korea, this girl group certainly know how to pull in their audience. With an extremely sexy music video, Spanish/Moroccan in music style, and powerful vocals to drive the listener insane, this song has everything you would need for a perfect summer song. Visually the bright colours and sexiness that the girls radiate is certainly a jaw-dropping concept for a country that doesn’t like to take too many risks in terms of sexualisation. Musically there is no fault, and we can’t seem to get the song out of our mind; it’s a truly addictive song.

Hong Kyungmin – DaDaDA
Released: July 16

With a cute and comedic music video, Hong Kyungmin’s country life cowboy inspired song is definitely one of those songs that you shout “YeeHaaa” at the top of your lungs and start jumping around the room. Although retro in vocals, the song is upbeat, fun and truly entertaining. And just like the people in the video, we can guarantee that you will be blasting the song as loud as you can and dancing along to the beat. If you liked the past and present songs from the likes of Psy, you will certainly enjoy this release.

Badroom – Tats
Released: July 16

With a continuous one tone droning vocal, the song has an ability to turn something that sounds annoying into something chilling and calm. Taking the indie scene into their own hands, Badroom has mixed that key indie sound that is relevant in today’s underground scene, and mixed it with lo-fi and the more K-pop styled rapping style. Although not an instant favourite of ours, after a few listens, and a better understanding of the lyrics, we can’t deny that this is a mood setting song.

Holland – I’m So Afraid
Released: July 16

With Holland blowing up the music industry with his strong stance of LGBT issues in a country where they are looked down upon, he has returned with his second release in the month titled I’m So Afraid, voicing the many thoughts of others that are out there. With powerful lyrics, and a high-tech, electric dance backing track, the song perfectly creates a visual sound of the fear and worries Holland has faced. The music video is beautifully conducted, simple and colourful. We truly do love this new style, and although we feel Holland still has room to grow vocally, this song is exactly what was needed from him as an artist and shows growth.

FTIsland – Pretty Girl
Released: July 17

Although this is not a Korean release, we felt that FTIsland needed more love as one of the classic K-pop bands. With their latest release in Japan titled Pretty Girl, they have intense summer vibes working for them with some great beach visuals and styling. The song itself is upbeat, chilled, with a slight reggae feeling. Vocally, we can never dismiss the power of Lee Hong Ki. He has one of those vocals that once you hear it for the first time, you will never forget it. We are really glad to see the band make a strong comeback, but now we want to see a great Korean comeback.

Saturday – MMook JJi BBa
Released: July 18

This girl group has been continuously hyped for their release MMook JJi BBa, and we can see why. With a K-pop retro sound similar to those of Afterschool, Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop, these girls are set to hit the charts for their catchy and familiar sounding music, as well as their funny comedic and cute video. There is something unique yet familiar about them, and we are truly excited to see what else they will release in the future.

Triple H – Retro Future
Released: July 18

As the title suggests, there is certainly a futuristic retro sound to the song, and the music video definitely reflects key trends from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and modern day trends. Triple H has always been a collaboration unit that we got excited to hear from, and we are glad to see that they have kept to their own unique visual style and expanded their sound to new levels. Exploring the areas that aren’t always touched, and making it their own style. This is certainly one that older K-pop fans will relate to more on a musical scale, whereas the younger more modern day K-pop fan will relate to the K-pop elements really well.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first article for this week’s K-music review and be sure to join us in the future for more K-music week in reviews.

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