UK Anime Round-Up 11-17 June: Serial Killers & Sexy Demons

UK Anime Round-Up 11-17 June: Serial Killers & Sexy Demons

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Wannabe superhero Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya’s school adventures continue in My Hero Academia: Season 2, Part 2, out today on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures. Having battled their way through U.A. High School’s sports festival in the last instalment of My Hero Academia, the concluding half of the hit anime’s second season sees Deku and his classmates assigned to superhero internships. However, work experience gets a little too real when they run into Stain, a superpowered serial killer who’s literally out for blood.

Master thief Arsène Lupin III may not technically be a hero (what with him being a master thief ‘n’ all) but the chivalrous scoundrel is as stylish as ever in Lupin the Third: Part IV, out today as a Blu-ray Collector’s Edition courtesy of Anime Limited. The first full-fledged Lupin the 3rd series since 1984 (although we did get classy spin-off The Woman Called Fujiko Mine in 2012), Lupin the Third: Part IV sees Lupin over in Italy; facing Mafia dons, MI6 agents and even the prospect of marriage…

The limited edition, four-disc Lupin the Third: Part IV box set features all 26 episodes of the 2015 series (including ‘Venice of the Dead’ and ‘Non Rendezvous’, which were released separately in Japan as OVA episodes), along with a 60-page art book.

Raul Chaser, the protagonist of our final featured release for the week, didn’t even get the chance to take his hero exams. Set in a fantasy world where peace reigns following the defeat of the big, bad Demon Empire, new MVM title Yusibu – I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job sees Raul relegated to working in a small-time electronics store instead. However, his humdrum life gets distinctly less mundane with the arrival of a new employee – the ditzy daughter of the deceased Demon Lord himself.

Like April Anime Limited release The Testament of Sister New Devil, the 13-episode Yusibu likes its demon girl drama on the fanservicey side, with MVM’s latest DVD and Blu-ray title baring enough boobage to pick up an 18 certificate.

Not pictured: demon boobs.

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