Dauntless open beta now live on PC

Dauntless open beta now live on PC

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Dauntless, the Monster Hunter-esque free-to-play co-op action RPG from Phoenix Labs, has entered open beta from today on PC.

If you’ve spent any time recently with Capcom’s latest fiend slayer, then Dauntless will be very familiar to you. The game takes place in a shattered world where Behemoths prey on the land’s surviving humans and you must take on the role of a Slayer whose job it is to wipe out these creatures.

Much like Monster Hunter, you have a range of different weapons you can wield in combat: from basic swords and axes to more unique chain blades and war pikes. Each one has their own skills and combos to master, while different strategies are required to take down each Behemoth type. Once you ended a Behemoth’s life, you can take your loot from the monster back to town in order to craft new weapons and armour.

And thus, the cycle repeats itself again.

As we mentioned earlier, the game will be free-to-play, with new expansions, quests, Behemoths and more all added to the game at no cost over time. However, the game will be supported by microtransactions that allow you to buy cosmetic items or temporary boosters.

If you fancy trying out the game for yourself the Dauntless open beta is available to download now.

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