Explore the dark side with BABYMETAL’s new single Distortion

Explore the dark side with BABYMETAL’s new single Distortion

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Ahead of their world tour which kicks off today, BABYMETAL has released a new single, Distortion. It is their first since Karate back in 2016.

Back on 1 April (Fox Day), the ‘Kawaii Metal’ trio released a revelation video, declaring how we’ve only experienced the Light Side of three metal spirits. A Dark Side also exists of seven metal spirits; THE CHOSEN SEVEN. On 1 May, they announced on social media that “these seven metal spirits do not necessarily exist in the same dimension. No one will know who, when, where or how THE CHOSEN SEVEN will be presented… Only the FOX GOD knows.”

As reported on Natalie, BABYMETAL revealed that the release of Distortion and its video marks the beginning of a new legend, “the legend of seven metal spirits.” Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal do not feature in the music video for Distortion. It instead features seven mysterious figures battling a malevolent force in an apocalyptic city.

Distortion is available to download now.

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