Amazon in talks to save The Expanse

Amazon in talks to save The Expanse

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Yes indeed, it seems the Bezos behemoth is in talks to pick up the superior sci-fi series and make a fourth season. The news comes 10 days after Syfy announced they would not pick up the series again after the third season, which is currently airing.

While the deal is not yet closed, there was this little acknowledgement from author/producer Daniel Abraham.

THR reports that Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos was a big fan of The Expanse books. Syfy held the first-run linear rights for the show in the US, but Amazon held streaming rights for the first three seasons of the show. According to the report, Bezos wanted the rights to the show before they went to Syfy, but The Expanse came with a massive price tag for the NBC-Universal owned Network – just look at the production value – and without the SVOD rights or international rights, which Netflix held.

Following the cancellation, Alcon Television Group, who financed the series, began shopping The Expanse to other networks for revival. Whether or not this is down to that, or if Amazon just swooped in, is not yet known. The fans also launched a vocal online campaign, including a petition for Amazon to renew the series…and flying a banner over Amazon Studio’s Santa Monica HQ. The petition quickly passed it’s goal of 100,000 signatures – and it’s still climbing.

Even the likes of Will Wheaton, Adam Savage, Game of Thrones author George RR Martin, Patton Oswalt and astronaut Andreas Mogensen have joined the call for renewal.

The fans response, as you’d expect, has been overwhelmingly positive, with most, if not all, saying they’d happily fork out for Amazon Prime if they did secure the series.

However, that doesn’t mean we should stop signing the petition and as the writers of the show point out, nothing is definite yet. We should unite to make sure the same fate that befell Firefly and Almost Human never happens again.

Keep a close eye on MyM for all the very latest news on this exciting development.

The next episode of The Expanse season 3 airs on Wednesday at 9pm ET on Syfy in the US. Season 1 and 2 are on Netflix in the UK.

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