UK Anime Round-Up 23-29 April: Fighting Fantasy

UK Anime Round-Up 23-29 April: Fighting Fantasy

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How would dragons, elves and all those other fantasy staples stack up against the might of a modern day army? That’s the set-up for A-1 Pictures anime Gate, out today as a collector’s edition box set from MVM Entertainment.

When a dimension gate suddenly opens in Tokyo and begins spewing forth armoured warriors and flying monsters, Japan’s Self Defence Force rapidly swings into action. Having beaten back the initial assault, the JSDF sends a force through the mysterious portal to scout out the situation. What first lieutenant Yoji Itami and his reconnaissance team discover is a swords ‘n’ sorcery fantasy world complete with dragons, knights, ogres, wizards, elves and, yes, cat girls. Lucky that Itami is also a total otaku, then…

Also hitting shelves this week is the latest Naruto Shippuden box set, with Manga UK releasing Complete Series 8 of the long-running shonen show. Featuring episodes 349-401, the eight DVD set opens with Kakashi Hatake’s adventures as a member of the covert Anbu Black Ops team.

As well as wrestling with the loss of his friends in the Third Great Ninja War, Naruto’s future teacher must discover who’s behind some illegal genetic experiments, survive threats from within his own organization, escape capture at the hands of Orochimaru’s followers and battle a young shinobi who possesses an ultra rare Wood Style Jutsu. And after these trials, another young ninja joins his unit – Sasuke’s infamous brother Itachi.

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