Lost in Space: Netflix TV show fostered a real sense of family

Lost in Space: Netflix TV show fostered a real sense of family

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One of the elements we love in Netflix’s new Lost in Space TV series is the family dynamic. They might be flying light years away from the Earth as they head out to colonise a planet, but the Robinsons are a tight-knit unit with their own family foibles.

Max Jenkins, who plays Will Robinson, has a sister in real life and recognised the sibling banter he’d naturally fall into at home.

“Taylor and Mina were as much of a family on set as we were off the set. We signed our names when we texted each other as ‘your space sis’ or ‘your space bro’. We felt so comfortable together,” he tells ThatFilmThing’s Matt Chapman.

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“But I feel like no-one can replace my sister at home. She’s my best friend and actually one of the biggest challenges while I was on Lost in Space was being away from her.”

Taylor Russell – who plays Judy Robinson in the revamped Lost in Space – also has two brothers in real life, and acknowledged the same familiar feel.

“It’s exactly like how a family would be, in terms of you don’t see your family for a while and then you come back and nothing’s changed. It feels comfortable and you have that feeling of happiness,” she says.

“Nina and Max are so lovely. They’re such funny, smart kids and we got along right away. They went to school together on set and so I would crash their school sessions and just hang out. And it just felt like I was with my people. So it was effortless and seamless between us, which was really nice.”

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That strong bond also helped the actors during the more difficult parts of the production.

“Being on green screen was a very challenging part of this production,” says Jenkins, “but when we were acting with one another we didn’t feel timid around each other. We were able to go and scream at a man in a green suit who would end up being a giant scary monster. So that was really nice.”

All 10 episodes of Lost in Space are now airing on Netflix.

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