Chrono Trigger PC patch will restore the game’s original graphical style

Chrono Trigger PC patch will restore the game’s original graphical style

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After receiving a barrage of negative feedback since Chrono Trigger came to PC, Square Enix has announced they will be releasing a patch that will give players the option to play with the game’s original graphical style.

Many were excited to see the SNES RPG classic land on PC at the end of February, but within hours that joy had turned to disappointment when it became clear the game was simply a port of the Android version – complete with the awkward and ugly interface. That was only compounded further by the game’s attempts to upscale the graphics, with some shoddy smoothing on character sprites and messy background art.

It seems Square Enix has heard the complaints, though, and posted an update today on how they plan to fix the problems.

“We have been working on addressing the issues that you’ve raised, and will be releasing a number of patches over the coming months as we continue to support Chrono Trigger on Steam,” they posted on Steam.

“We’re aiming to release the first of these patches in the first half of April, and the biggest change is that it will include an option to switch between the current high-resolution graphics, and the original graphical style of Chrono Trigger.”

Here’s hoping the patches will be able to restore the game to its former glory. While we’re all for updating older games to appeal to a modern audience who might expect a certain level of graphical fidelity in this era of 4k, it’s best not to harm the game’s original character and charm in the process.

Square Enix will also be extending the sale of the game’s Limited Edition until the end of April so players who have been holding off on a purchase can still grab some bonus goodies.

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