BTS: Burn The Stage S01E05 REVIEW

BTS: Burn The Stage S01E05 REVIEW

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Please be advised that the following review contains spoilers.

I Can’t Stop

It has been great seeing the insecurities and realness behind the idol facade that we are all lead to believe is the idols in their truest form. If anything is to go by with Burn The Stage, it is that nothing is as it seems on the outside. Idols are not these sub-human creatures; they have feelings, goals, and morals of their own.

Episode 5 starts with member RM talking about the first time he had to leave a show halfway through when they were on tour in Shanghai (this was because RM had breathing problems as well as a few technical difficulties). He now expresses that he is truly afraid of criticism, no matter how big or small, and it affects him mentally. Following on from his comments, RM explains that he writes his songs and lyrics to show others that they are not alone in their thoughts, that they will be okay. He has a deeper connection to the songs he writes than just that of a performing artist.

D+38 Chicago, USA

BTS gather in one of their hotel rooms to discuss some major changes needed for a performance the next day. The group are performing for a well-known TV show in the US, but the stage is extremely small, which means they need to make a lot of changes to the choreography. Suga, Jhope and Jimin talk about their worries for putting on a good show and not being able to practice enough, leaving them insecure for the performance they are about to put on.

Through a solo interview, Suga explains how he feels when placed amongst the group. He seems to put himself down as not being able to dance well and believes he doesn’t have anything to offer or to show when performing. This was a sad moment, as it’s clear that each and every member is needed in that group. There would be no synergy should one be gone.

Whilst sorting things out with their managers, directors and production crew, it was good to see just how involved the entire group was. They were able to express themselves and give over their thoughts on the troubles at hand. In the end, they had the final say as they were the ones who were performing, not the company. Through this, you could really see just how much of a family BTS are with their company staff, even with all the troubles of a small stage and hardly any rehearsals, they work things out and everything ends well.

D+30 concert day

Suga talks about his past with Jhope and RM, how they work as a team to create music, lyrics and choreography. Once again they are left with little time to rehearse all of the songs they needed to, but they trust each others instinct and ace it anyway. He explains that originally he never wanted to be famous; money wasn’t all that important but was a key factor as to why he wanted to work as an idol. When he joined BTS and met the other members, he realised he had grown to the point that getting his music out there for others to listen to was more important. He wanted to express himself freely and encourage others.

One of the great parts of this episode was seeing BTS split up and enjoy their free time, exploring the city. Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-hope go to the aquarium and whilst waiting to get in they play a game to see who will get a hotdog. Jin sadly looses and has a moment of crisis when he realises he needs to order the food in English. When they finish they end up going to a bowling alley and arcade to play and eat.

V and RM go for a walk around the city and explore the scenery whilst creating perfect photos for a mini photoshoot. Later that day they go for some food and are seen truly enjoying each others company. At the same time, Suga is exploring what the city’s shops have to offer. Realising he doesn’t really want anything, he proceeds to buy gifts.

D+41 Los Angeles, USA

For the first time in a long while, we see BTS relaxing and having fun together at the beach. They play games and act like big kids. Although this is downtime, there is always a camera on them taking photos for future photoshoots and special album jackets. But they seem happier and healthier just being let free with nothing to worry about. Their minds are rested and they are in a different country where they can relax and not be too bothered by fans or media.

During his solo interview, Jin explains how satisfied he is with how things are at the moment, that he is moving in the right direction no matter how tiring it is for him. He expresses his happiness when he sees fans whilst he is performing, and how putting on performances really does make him happy. It’s like they say, “If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life”, and I believe he is living his happiest moments through BTS.

Two days on, and another concert down, all of the members are looking worn out, physically and mentally. Jin can see that everyone is tired, so he begins to play his guitar with Jungkook adding some vocals. This livens everyone up a bit and they realise that although they are tired now, they still have another concert to perform and they need to give it their all. Teamwork is essential, and it’s always great to see members looking out for each other. It only takes one person to cheer one member up and the whole team joins in. A group of seven young men moping around and being lethargic is now a group of seven boys messing around and having a laugh.

Through solo interviews, each member expresses how they feel within the music industry. Some are jealous and strive to be as big as western artists, some feel small in the midst of things, but throughout this last segment they talk about their insecurities and how they are accomplishing their goals. They all express a drive to further their goals and to grow as artists, as a group and as solo entertainers. It was a beautiful end to the episode.

While previous episodes have been full-on with information, drama, heartbreak and a real nitty gritty in-depth look at how idols actually work, this episode was subdued, calm and allowed you to see the personality of each BTS member. We see how they have grown from young boys to the performers they are now, how their music is a part of them, and how they see their work as a more personal adventure rather than a way to make money. Music to each of them has a strong meaning, and their passion is shown throughout this episode.

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