Boom! Studios to release original graphic novel on WWE’s The Undertaker

Boom! Studios to release original graphic novel on WWE’s The Undertaker

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Boom! Studios announced via ESPN that they are to release an original graphic novel based on the career of WWE’s most iconic wrestler, The Undertaker.

Boom! Studios already have an ongoing series of WWE comics that add additional story details within the WWE universe by going beyond what’s seen on TV, filling in the gaps and expanding on moments in WWE history. WWE: Undertaker will take the same approach, exploring the 27-year career of the WWE Superstar, with some new revelations and surprises.

“He is such a unique character in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment,” said Boom! Studios editor Chris Rosa, who revealed that the graphic novel would give readers things that they did not see. “Even though he has gone through multiple phases, multiple looks during that career, he’s been the one constant in that universe for almost 30 years.”

The graphic novel will be written by Chad Dundas, a sports journalist, Undertaker fan and author of the pro-wrestling novel Champion of the World. “The moment I saw him, he was my guy,” said Dundas. “I responded immediately, not only to his obvious physical attributes, but the character development and storytelling that made him such a unique figure in the WWE landscape.”

“One of the most fun parts of a project like this is getting to take those deep dives into these big relationships in the Undertaker’s career,” added Dundas. “Deep-dive into how he got hooked up with Pall Bearer (sic). A deep-dive into his relationship with Kane. Trying to imagine what conversations between the two of them would have been like backstage after Kane debuts and the Undertaker realises that this brother that he thought had died when he was a child, is still alive.”

It will be illustrated by Rodrigo Lorenzo, with cover art by Oliver Barrett. “I’m so happy that I was chosen to draw this story for so many reasons,” said Lorenzo. “Since I was a kid, Undertaker has been my favourite WWE Superstar and it’s flattering that Boom! Studios and WWE chose me to bring the legend of the Undertaker to life in their first original graphic novel.”

WWE: Undertaker will be released in October 2018.

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