Six animated K-pop music videos you must see

Six animated K-pop music videos you must see

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K-pop acts are known for their elaborate, sexy and fun music videos, which usually feature the artists taking part in some crazy choreography or heartbreaking storytelling. But not all K-pop videos have their singers featured in the music video – well not physically.

We’ve gone through our back catalogue and chosen five animated music videos that are not to be missed.

Jenyer, Samuel Seo – Cliche 

This videos artwork reminds us slightly of the Kitsch Deer’s, Felix the Cat and Cuphead – bright colours mixed with monotoned characters in a vibe that doesn’t make much sense to the lyrics, but is still enjoyable to watch. If anything, the vocals from Jenyer and Samuel Seo themselves are enough to make this a must watch.

DJFRIZ – Dive (Feat MRSHLL, Megan Lee)

We were already aware of the animation style used for this video, as it connects with the previously released Resist. It features a stylised nosferatu in limbo after death, who witnesses new life and new love entering the world he has just come from, and sees how it’s a continuous loop. The artwork was done by the well-known artist Seoro Oh, and the song is also available in English as well.

Hitchhiker – 11(ELEVEN)

Mixing modern CGI and glitch visuals, the music video to 11(ELEVEN) is equally as trippy as the song itself. Hitchhikers recent release $10 uses the same visuals and instead of being the B-movie style of the K-pop MV world, it’s become the thing that separates him from other artists. Not much happens at all, but it’s one of those videos that needs to be seen first before you can explain it.

ZICO – Yes Or No (Feat Penomeco, The Quiett)

This song was already a hit before the music video was released, and in true ZICO style it has plenty of hip-hop and humour. Although the animations are simple, with a CGI representation of ZICO being the main focus, what really stands out is the use of colour against monochromes. But don’t go looking too deeply for a story behind the animation, it’s one of those where you’re left wondering what on earth you just watched.

BOA x Beenzino – No Matter What

Taking a fresh stance by mixing CGI and traditional art, the animation style in the MV is cute, modern and hypnotising. The video was released at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, which can be felt throughout the MV. If anything I feel that the video goes to prove that big choreographies (as fun as they are) and big theatrical scenes are not always needed to express the feeling of a song.

BTS – Mic Drop (Animated by Kiera)

One of the biggest songs to come out of the crossover from 2017 to 2018 was the release of BTS and their song Mic Drop. It is available in six different styles (English, Korean, Japanese, live extended performance, Steve Aoki remix and Desiigner remix) but the versions we most like is the fan-animated video created by YouTuber Kiera. This isn’t the first time she has animated BTS either, with hits such as Cypher PT3: Killer, Butterfly, Blood Sweat and Tears and Not Today.

What is unique and fun about these music videos is their hidden easter eggs that fans need to find, like hints towards other songs, logos linking to their previous albums and how well the artist has captured the personalities of the BTS members. The styling of the MV is also unique in the way it feels like the viewer is playing an old-school video game, only to realise they are being included in the game alongside the other members – it’s super fun!

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