Asmodee to launch digital version of hit board game Terraforming Mars

Asmodee to launch digital version of hit board game Terraforming Mars

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Asmodee Digital is bringing popular board game Terraforming Mars to PC, iOS and Android platforms, with a Steam release slated for Q2 2018. Currently ensconced in the top ten of BoardGameGeek’s influential hotness list, designer Jacob Fryxelius’ card-driven tile-placement game about, well, terraforming Mars was one of the surprise hits of 2016.

Terraforming Mars sees players take on the roles of corporations charged with making the Red Planet habitable for humanity, racing to boost oxygen levels, build cities, create oceans, plant vegetation and research innovative new technologies.

Publisher Asmodee says that its digital adaptation of the board game will feature full single player, single player against AI, local multiplayer in Pass-and-Play and online multiplayer modes, with additional content planned after launch.

Asmodee Digital already has video game versions of tabletop titles such as Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne and Twilight Struggle under its belt, and is currently working on a number of other well-known designs including Scythe and Pandemic.

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