CD Projekt RED announces Gwent Arena mode

CD Projekt RED announces Gwent Arena mode

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CD Projekt RED has announced a new draft-based mode is coming to Gwent called Gwent Arena, which allows you to create a deck from a selection of random cards and pit it against other opponents.

Much like Hearthstone‘s arena mode, Gwent Arena will cost you 150 ore or $2 per run. Rewards will be given out depending on how many wins you accrue before you succumb to three losses, although these cap at nine wins. You’re guaranteed to get one keg no matter what happens, but you’ll want to strive for that elusive ninth win in order to secure a randomly-chosen premium Legendary card.

In terms of deck creation, the rules are very freeform. Cards are drawn from all those available in the game, not just your own library, and cards from multiple factions can be included in the same deck too. It could open up some wild and crazy combos you wouldn’t usually see in the standard game.

Gwent Arena is currently still going through testing, so expect things to be a little skewed in the early days and everything is all subject to change. More information can be found in the Gwent Arena livestream on Twitch.

Gwent is available to play for free now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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