Iron Banner and Prestige raid launch next week in Destiny 2

Iron Banner and Prestige raid launch next week in Destiny 2

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Two of the Destiny 2‘s biggest challenges – Iron Banner and the Prestige raid – will be coming to the game next week, Bungie has announced. Players, however, are not best pleased.

In the latest ‘This Week at Bungie‘ update, the developer revealed new information about both additions to the game, some of which has caused a stir among long-time Destiny players.

The first is that the game’s Iron Banner mode will no longer be scaled to your character’s power level, meaning every participant is (more or less) on an even playing field. Previously, Iron Banner was the only PvP mode where your power level was taken into consideration, which meant players with the strongest equipment usually had an edge. Rewards will be granted in the form of tokens that can be exchanged for the exclusive armour shown above.

As for the Prestige raid, players who manage to conquer the game’s toughest PvE challenge won’t be rewarded with higher level gear for the first time. Instead, other exclusive rewards at your current power level will be granted, as well as items that allow you to show off your accomplishment.

Despite Destiny 2 being a solid sequel in Bungie’s shooter series, these changes have left a section of the Destiny 2 player base a little disappointed. The Destiny 2 subreddit is full of threads featuring complaints from players who are after a more compelling end game.

Whether you’re pleased or disappointed by these updates, both Iron Banner and the Prestige raid will be available next Tuesday, October 10th, following the weekly reset.

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