Sonic Forces launches in November

Sonic Forces launches in November

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SEGA has announced that the blue hedgehog will be making his second outing in the space of a few months when Sonic Forces launches on November 7th.

Although many are still currently riding the hype train of Sonic Mania with its nostalgia-tinged and inventive remixing of the classic games, Sonic Forces is an altogether different beast. Playing more similarly to Sonic Generations, it combines both the modern 3D and classic 2D style of Sonic games.

There’s also a strange mode that allows you to create your own avatar and tag along with Sonic in his various high-speed adventures. You can give yourself a selection of powers too, including the ability to shoot fire or call down lightning strikes. It’s a bit weird!

Nevertheless, if the idea of more Sonic grabs you, you can pick up a copy of Sonic Forces from November 7th. A special Bonus Edition of the game comes with art cards and a SEGA/ATLUS add-on pack that lets you recreate the look of well-known characters for your avatar. Pre-orders will also net you the Shadow costume.

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