Perfume perform special live of If you wanna

Perfume perform special live of If you wanna

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To coincide with the release of If you wanna, Perfume performed a special live of the track, which was streamed live on LINE, YouTube and Facebook on 31 August 2017. They also performed the B-side, Everyday. The performance has since been uploaded to their YouTube channel.

In the video, a-chan explains that they built an If you wanna studio, which is where we see the trio perform. “We’ve recreated the video set,” she says, as well as adding that the “set is really cool.” NOCCHi also reveals that the LED’s on their set are from the dance scene in the If you wanna music video.

“The more I listen, the more I love,” says KASHIYUKA of the track.

“We’ve listened to it so many times,” says a-chan.

After the performance, they thanked their staff for arranging the set and the live stream. Also, fans who have purchased the limited edition version of If you wanna are able to visit the set at Bersaar Shibuya on 1 and 2 September.

If you wanna – Standard Edition

If you wanna – Limited Edition

If you wanna – Special Package Limited Edition

If you wanna is the J-pop trio’s 24th single. Released on 30 August, as well as the standard CD with both If you wanna and Everyday, there are two limited CD+DVD editions. The first limited edition includes the music video for Everyday and an additional video titled Perfume View. The special package limited edition includes the music video for Everyday, the making of Everyday and performances of TOKYO GIRL and Houseki no ame from Perfume Fes!! 2017.

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