It: Chapter 2 Already Being Planned

It: Chapter 2 Already Being Planned

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(Sort of spoilers follow. Don’t go past the demonic clown if you haven’t seen the movie yet).

The demonic grease paint has scarcely been washed off the streets of Derry and Pennywise is already on the way back. The massive positive word, and Box Office, for  It means a second movie is very much on the way.

Of course, if you’ve seen the first movie, you know that the words ‘Chapter 1’ are seen on screen as it finishes. But the studio’s confidence in the movie has definitely been born out.

Word comes to us that screenwriter Gary Dauberman will return for the sequel and director Andy Muschietti is close to signing to return too. What really interests us though is how the second movie will deal with the time shift. An entirely different cast is going to be an interesting prospect, one that the Loser’s Club kids themselves have a few thoughts about.

We suspect that the second film may well borrow a play or two from the 1990 version of It. The balletic way that uses the two different casts to show how the adult Losers are haunted by their past is genuinely brilliant. Plus, any excuse to get those kids back on screen is a-ok with us.

It is in cinemas now, the 1990 version is available on DVD and both will scare the clown nose off you. Thanks to EW for the original story.




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