First Look At David Harbour As Hellboy

First Look At David Harbour As Hellboy

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Holy Hell! Boy!

Okay we know that was cheesy but…WOW! How great does David Harbour look as Hellboy?!

The first official shot of Stranger Things star Harbour in full makeup was put out by series creator Mike Mignola late yesterday and it’s honestly kind of amazing. Let’s take an in depth look at this version of Big Red and how he’s changed.

  • The Right Hand Of Doom now looks like part of a suit of armour instead of the stone hand of the Guillermo Del Toro movies. That’s a nice way to differentiate it and also maybe speaks to Hellboy’s free will. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if, should they do the ‘Hellboy In Hell’ stories, that becomes a full suit of armour…
  • The sigils in each one of his pouches are just lovely. It looks weathered and used and practical. Likewise what looks to be a rosary wrapped around his left wrist.
  • The scars. Hellboy is the world’s premier occult detective at least as much because he can’t actually be easily killed as because he’s good at it. This is a battle-scarred take on the character and we really like that. Plus, Harbour’s physique is either impressive and enhanced by prosthetic or HOLY WOW SHERRIFF HOPPER HIT THE GYM HARD AFTER SEASON 1. Either way he absolutely looks the part.
  • The longer, Conan-esque hair is an interesting touch. It makes him far more physically imposing than you might think and neatly offsets the needed, and always slightly ridiculous, sideburns.
  • Hellboy’s horn stubs are both much less tidy and far more pronounced which is interesting. we’ve got no idea if this plays into anything in the movie but it’s a definite change.

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen has had a very good week. The apparent confirmation of Daniel Dae Kim as Major Daimio and now this have gone a long way towards assuaging fan concerns about the first Del Toro and Perlman-less Hellboy movie. Plus it’s nice to see the production amping up so much. Keep it up, folks.


Thanks to io9 for the initial story.

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