Daniel Dae Kim In Talks To Replace Ed Skrein In Hellboy

Daniel Dae Kim In Talks To Replace Ed Skrein In Hellboy

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After the controversial casting of white actor Ed Skrein as definitely not white character, Major Ben Daimio, the new Hellboy movie could use some good news. Now, in the wake of Skrein’s extremely classy decision to step down from the role, it appears to have that good news;

Daniel Dae Kim.

Kim, whose work on Lost, Hawaii Five-O and Crusade puts him solidly in the All Time Genre Greats List, recently left Five-O over a pay dispute. There’s no confirmation he’s got the role yet, and even if he has there’s the issue that Kim is Korean-American while Ben is Japaense, but still this is very good news. Not just for the new Hellboy movie, because it needs all the gooD press it can get, but for Kim and audiences. He’s a great actor who is long overdue a break out big screen role and we hope this is the one. He’s not locked yet but we’re hoping that he’ll sign on soon.

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is directed by Neil Marshall and will star David Harbour and Milla Jovovich. Not typing the names ‘Ron Perlman’ and ‘Guillermo Del Toro’ there is probably never going to stop being weird. Nonetheless,s the movie is on the way and we’ll have more as we get it.


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