Zelda inspired action-RPG Songbringer launches September

Zelda inspired action-RPG Songbringer launches September

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What stuns most about Songbringer is that it’s all the work of one man. Nathaneal Weiss, or Wizard Fu Games, is responsible for the programming, design, art and music of his upcoming Zelda inspired action-RPG.

Today, he and publisher Double Eleven confirmed Songbringer will be released on September 1st for Xbox One and PC, and September 5th for PS4.

A new trailer was released to support the announcement, introducing us to the planetary surveyor, Roq, who accidentally awakens an ancient evil and must work with his robot buddy Jib to save the universe. To do that you’ll explore the world of Ekzerra, fight off monsters, delve into dungeons and defeat powerful bosses.

In an interesting spin, the world is randomly-generated for each playthrough, offering 6-12 hours of gameplay in each adventure. You’ll hit that top end if you love hunting down all the secret pathways and destructible walls that are dotted throughout the world in true Zelda fashion.

It all looks so very pretty too – like a trippy mix between Hyper Light Drifter and Swords and Sworcery. One to keep an eye on.

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