Fan made Voltron LEGO to become an official set

Fan made Voltron LEGO to become an official set

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You’ll soon be able to put together your own defender of the universe as a LEGO Voltron set has been approved and will be released as an official product.

The LEGO Ideas program allows people to suggest ideas to LEGO. Product concepts that reach 10,000 supporters are then qualified for review by LEGO. The ones that pass their review eventually go into production to become an official product.

The latest fan made project to be approved is by user len_d69, Leandro Tayag, which is based on the original Voltron: Defender of the Universe animated series from the 1980s. Just like the series, there are five robotic lions that can be combined to form Voltron.

In an interview with LEGO, Tayag said he had been hooked on Voltron ever since his parents brought him a toy from the show when he was a child. “I can’t remember how many times I redesigned the lion heads trying to make them look as close as possible to how they were in the anime/cartoon,” said Tayag on the most difficult part to recreate. “The lion legs were also a pain since I had to make sure they are able to fold nicely when combined as Voltron.”

The LEGO Voltron set is expected to arrive in stores in 2018.

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