SNES Classic Mini Trailer showcases games, display modes and rewind feature

SNES Classic Mini Trailer showcases games, display modes and rewind feature

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The SNES Classic Mini is set to launch this September and Nintendo have launched a trailer, showcasing the console, the games and the rewind feature.

The console comes with 21 pre-loaded Super NES games, including the never before released Star Fox 2. They can also be played in high definition at 60Hz (all games included in the UK version are the original US 60 Hz releases). It’s also worth noting that the UK version does come with a USB power cable, but the AC adapter for the USB cable is not included and has to be purchased separately.

Just like the NES Classic Mini, there are three display modes: 4:3, Pixel Perfect and CRT Filter. You can also add customisable frames on the side of the screen. Plus, the console is compatible with the Wii Classic Controller.

You also have the ability to save anywhere, and this is where the rewind feature comes in, for it allows you to rewind up to five minutes of gameplay from your last save. You can save up to four suspend points for each game. This should prove useful for games such as Super Castlevania IV; because now, after you’ve fallen down a pit, you won’t have to restart the level all the way from the beginning again.

You might want to check out the trailers for the US and Japan release too, especially since the Japanese SNES Classic Mini has a slightly different line up of games (they get Legend of the Mystical Ninja!?)

Pre-orders for the SNES Classic Mini sold out quicker than Captain Falcon doing five laps around Mute City, and even after stores received more stock they didn’t last very long. The SNES Classic Mini is released in the UK on 29 September.

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