A new trailer for Sanrio Boys

A new trailer for Sanrio Boys

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A new trailer has been released for Pierrot’s Sanrio Boys, a series about a group of high school guys that really like Sanrio, with each one having a favourite character.

Top – left to right: Seiichiro Minamoto and Shunsuke Yoshino. Bottom – left to right: Ryo Nishimiya, Koto Hasegawa and Yu Mizuno.

The five characters were initially created in 2015 as a way for Sanrio to promote their own goods (they have their own Twitter page where they would post selfies, showing off real life Sanrio products). In 2016 the Sanrio Boys then became a mobile dating simulator. Now they will have their own anime series.

The series follows Koto Hasegawa, a somewhat aimless high school student who likes the Sanrio character Pom Pom Purin. He ends up meeting fellow students Yu Mizuno, Shunsuke Yoshino, Ryo Nishimiya and Seiichiro Minamoto, who each have a favourite Sanrio character. Following the first teaser in May, a new trailer for the series has been released, narrated by Kota Hasegawa. Given the obvious cute vibe, the final few seconds suggest that there are some serious emotional moments too.

Directed by Masashi Kudo (character designer on Bleach), Sanrio Boys will air in Japan from January 2018.

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