Nintendo to release Limited Samus Edition 3DS XL

Nintendo to release Limited Samus Edition 3DS XL

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If after all these years you still haven’t purchased a Nintendo 3DS yet, or you just so happen to have enough money lying around to upgrade the one you currently have, then you might want to consider the Limited Samus Edition 3DS XL.

Nintendo of America announced that they will launch a new Samus themed 3DS XL, which they say will be available “at select retailers” in the US on 15 September. It is to coincide with the release of Metroid: Samus Returns, the upcoming Metroid II reboot, which is released the same day. With the game also released across Europe, there’s a chance this console might find its way over to the UK.

The Samus Edition sports a look designed to reflect her space suit. It has a red and yellow case, with a print of the bounty hunter herself on the top and the insignia for Samus (screwattack logo) on the bottom. However, do note that it does not come with the game itself.

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