Resident Evil 2 is getting a board game

Resident Evil 2 is getting a board game

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The second best game in the history of the Resident Evil series (Resident Evil 4 sits at number one) is about to join the likes of Dark SoulsDeadly Premonition and XCOM by getting its own board game.

Steamforged Games (who also worked on Dark Souls: The Board Game) has announced that it will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil 2: The Board Game later this Autumn.

“It’s a privilege and an honour to be trusted to bring such an important video game to life as a board game,” said Mat Hart, Creative Director and Co-founder of Steamforged Games.

“Resident Evil 2 helped to define its own genre of games and has created a lasting legacy in video game history. Steamforged has several Resident Evil super fans on the team and so we have a deep understanding of what makes RE such a compelling game experience; one that still has legions of fans around the world still playing the game nearly two decades after its release. We’re determined to surprise and delight players new and old with this board game realisation, even the most hardcore of fans!”

We have absolutely no idea how the board game plays right now, but it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that you’ll be taking on the roles of Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield and more as they explore the ruins of Racoon City while fighting off zombies, lickers and a mutating William Birkin.

Keep an eye out for more info when the Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Kickstarter launches in Autumn 2017.

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