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You may not have heard of Maud Lewis, but one thing’s for sure: next Oscar season, both Maud and Sally Hawkins, who plays her in this charming biopic, will be grabbing headlines.

Born in 1903 in Nova Scotia, Maud was an enthusiastic painter of jolly country scenes, despite being crippled by rheumatoid arthritis. Her paintings grew in fame until they eventually attracted the attention of Vice President Nixon himself, who bought one from her (wisely, in retrospect, she asked for the money first). Yet, despite her quirky art, Maud lived a hard, humble life in a tiny cabin with her husband Everett (a grunting Ethan Hawke), who – to begin with, anyway – wasn’t the nicest of men.

Maudie charts their relationship and the script unravels an affirming, gorgeous life story for them both. The sweep is slightly ruined by the actors’ lack of ageing, but that’s a minor flaw in this darn-near perfect heartwarmer. Reviewed by Jayne Nelson

Release: Out Now
From: Sony Pictures
Format: Theatrical Release
Age Rating: 12A

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