Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire announced, out September

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire announced, out September

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The second expansion to MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is titled Path of Fire and will be released incredibly soon – September 22nd to be precise.

In a live reveal on Twitch minutes ago, game director Mike O’Brien revealed all the new features in the forthcoming expansion, including new story content, new areas, mounts, Elite Specialisations and more. You can watch it all unfold below.

As was speculated by players last weekPath of Fire will see players returning to The Crystal Desert, a region featured in Guild Wars: Nightfall that hasn’t been visited for 250 years. There you’ll be facing the recently introduced Balthazar, the human god of war and fire who’s been hunting Elder Dragons across Tyria. A handful of other nasty factions awaits too, including some more undead, and elementals led by Kralkatorik.

The Crystal Desert itself will be split up into five new open world zones, which O’Brien claims are the largest they’ve ever shipped in Guild Wars 2. It won’t all just be hot sand and piercing sunlight, though, as the trailer shows off a diverse range of biomes.

To traverse the desert players will be able to unlock a series of mounts, each with their own unique movement abilities. Things start off simple with a raptor that can leap large distances, but soon you’ll be able to acquire some kind of magical flying manta ray and even a hopping rabbit, er, thing.

Professions are further expanded with nine new Elite specialisations, giving each one access to another weapon and a host of new skills. Thief players can unlock the Deadeye specialisation, for example, giving them access to a rifle to perform a number of powerful long-range attacks.

What surprises most of all from the announcement is just how soon Path of Fire will be available. Not only is the expansion out in under two months, but there will also be a free preview weekend from August 11th-13th during which anyone is able to try out the game.

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