WWE 2K18 pre-orders get Kurt Angle

WWE 2K18 pre-orders get Kurt Angle

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2K Games has announced that players who pre-order WWE 2K18 from selected retailers will be given famous Olympic wrestle-man, Kurt Angle, as a pre-order bonus.

The above trailer spins some trademark top-quality wrestling storytelling with a mysterious figure skulking through the halls of the burnt down WWE archives. Scorched pieces of Kurt Angle’s gear and paraphernalia are rooted through and then – surprise – the hooded figure is revealed to be Kurt Angle himself.

Oh ma gawd! Somebody stop the match!

Being serious for a moment, Kurt Angle will appear in WWE 2K18 as two playable characters based on different moments in his career: his WWE “American Hero” persona, as well as his ECW “Wrestling Machine” persona.

WWE 2K18 is scheduled for release on October 17th for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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