New Kingsman: Golden Circle trailer plus Kingsman meets Archer, yeah baby

New Kingsman: Golden Circle trailer plus Kingsman meets Archer, yeah baby

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Kingsman: The Secret Service proved to be an unexpected smash hit in 2014, possibly cause we got to see Colin Firth kick some serious posterior in a church…regardless, it managed to hold its own in an overcrowded genre against the likes of Bond, Bourne and the lackluster Mission: Impossible.


And what happens when any film does well? It gets a sequel. Give it time…we’re waiting for the announcement of Dunkirk II. Dry British humor aside, Kingsman gave the genre something new and that’s got to be worthy of recognition, which is precisely why everyone is positively falling over themselves in anticipation of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

And eager-beaver fans were rewarded today with a brand-spanking-new trailer. Channing Tatum shows up as a gun-toting cowboy, Julianne Moore is sneering as a delicious villain, not to mention Mark Strong, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges and there’s enough action to keep anyone with attention deficit disorder entertained.

The release dates continues to get shuffled about, however, current expectations are 29th September.

And if that wasn’t enough to give you an excitement overload…those with particularly creative minds at Fox decided that Kingsman should work with Archer…Yeah baby, for this special one-off, SDCC promotion…

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