Guild Wars 2 expansion announcement coming next Tuesday

Guild Wars 2 expansion announcement coming next Tuesday

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We’re skirting dangerously into the announcement of an announcement territory here, as ArenaNet has confirmed they will be revealing the next expansion for Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday, August 1st.

The MMORPG’s second expansion will be announced in a live show hosted on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live.

So, what do we know about the expansion so far? Well, Season 3 of the game’s Living World storyline has just wrapped up, bringing to a close the events that kicked off in the previous expansion, Heart of Thorns. Players who have finished that episode got a sneak peek at a video that hints at the game’s future.

Picking that apart, and other clues within the game, has some players believe that we’ll be heading to the Crystal Desert in the upcoming expansion. That above teaser image looks very crystalline too!

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