Evil Genius 2 coming to PC

Evil Genius 2 coming to PC

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What are we going to do when Evil Genius 2 is released? The same thing we do every time we play an Evil Genius game…try to take over the world!

Yes, the real-time world-domination sim is making a return, as Rebellion has announced it has begun work on Evil Genius 2. And, as if to allay any immediate fears, the Battlezone and Sniper Elite developer has confirmed it’ll be a fully-fledged sequel and will not be free-to-play.

In case you missed the original a good 13 years ago, Evil Genius had you take on the role of a super-villain as you managed your secret underground lair, fought off government agents and plotted diabolic schemes with the intention of taking over the world.

It sounds like the sequel is going to tread a very similar path, although with development only just getting underway and no release date information (apart from a confirmed PC release) we have quite a wait ahead of us until we hear more about Evil Genius 2.

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