Dystopian puzzle-platformer Black The Fall available now

Dystopian puzzle-platformer Black The Fall available now

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Fans of Inside and Limbo may want to take a look at Black The Fall, the atmospheric puzzle-platformer available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

From Romanian developer, Sand Sailor Studio, Black The Fall throws you into an oppressive totalitarian state where players must outsmart the communist regime holding them captive and make their escape.

Its combination of stealth and puzzle-solving is what immediately draws parallels to PlayDead’s previous work. You’ll not only have to avoid the watchful eyes of mechanical sentinels but also navigate your way through a series of dangerous environmental puzzles and manipulate others around you to aid your getaway.

From what we’ve played so far Black The Fall is a smart game with some big ideas, combining well-realised puzzle mechanics and a gripping, thought-provoking premise.

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