Dominic Monaghan: I wish Thom Yorke was a bit more friendly

Dominic Monaghan: I wish Thom Yorke was a bit more friendly

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We withheld second breakfast from Lord of the Rings actor Dominic Monaghan this month until he shared his favourite media selections: a movie; a TV show; a comic; and an album.

During the same chat he also gave out some big love for Radiohead, called out Coldplay, and pondered why Thom Yorke doesn’t seem to be having as much fun as his bandmates…

“I also like the new Radiohead album. I thought this one was very slick and there’s obviously a huge amount of money in the production. They seem much more mature nowadays, they’re less inclined to make these smash hits but still some beautiful orchestration in that album and a classic piece of work. They’re the best man, I mean who’s better?

“I love it when Coldplay are like, ‘We’re the biggest band in the World.’ And then when Radiohead turn up they’re like, ‘Oh sorry about that, no we’re not that big.’ Radiohead are the bosses, they’re the kings and everyone else gets out of the way when they show up.

“I think they’re brilliant and people will talk about them as being our Beatles and Pink Floyd. We’ll have a generation underneath us saying ‘Wow you guys were watching and listening to Radiohead!’

“I just wish Thom Yorke was a bit more friendly. I mean, what are you worried about? You’re a multi-millionaire, you’re doing the job you always wanted to do – just smile, just have fun. I get it that you’re not a clown but show us that you’re enjoying your life. The rest of the band seem like they’re having a great time – fucking Jonny Greenwood’s genius.”

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