Does the new Predator app point to a TV show?

Does the new Predator app point to a TV show?

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Is something big about to happen in the world of Predator? Is Fox about to announce a new Predator TV series?

(It might want to tap David Nguyen up for the titles, if it is)

We only ask because, ahead of San Diego Comic Con, Fox has launched the Predator Official Fan Mobile App. Available on iOS and Android, this will act as the ultimate interactive fan experience, creating a portal for users to converse, get exclusive content, test their Predator knowledge and more.

The Predator Official Fan App includes:

  • SKULLS: Participate in forums, complete challenges and submit your own fan content to earn skulls, unlocking special features, videos, stickers and more.
  • RANK UP: Use skulls to rank up from a Young Blood to a Yautja leader for more exclusive content, including various Predator emojis.
  • THE RUNDOWN: Head Hunters Tory and Dave bring you up-to-date clan content with weekly coverage of Predator news, interviews, fan interactions, humorous sketches and more.
  • FORUMS: Visit the forum to connect with other recruits to discuss all things Predator.

At SDCC, fans who encounter the official Predator cosplayer, and survive like Dutch, can also collect a limited-edition mini poster. He’s also a WiFi hotspot, so you can download the app by tapping into him.

The app is even paired with an accompanying website – making us believe even more strongly that there’s something big happening for Predator at Fox. Here’s hoping for a major announcement at SDCC.

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