Supernatural season 13 to feature ‘Wayward Sisters’ pilot episode

Supernatural season 13 to feature ‘Wayward Sisters’ pilot episode

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We love Supernatural, the show that cannon be harmed by conventional weaponry, so very much. The story of the Winchester Brothers’ endless battle against evil its run an astonishing 13 seasons and isn’t showing signs of slowing down yet. It’s funny, it’s dark, it’s clever and it has an amazing soundtrack.

And a nasty tendency to kill off female characters.

For years, the show has been trying to cold launch a spin-off. For years, fans have been trying to get the show to

A)Stop killing almost all its uniformly great female characters


B)Do more things with them.

Now, the two objectives have combined to create ‘Wayward Sisters’.

Focusing on Sheriff Jody Mills, a long term fan favorite character, the episode will see her take a group of young women who’ve survived monster attacks into her care. Aided by other surviving female characters from the core show, she’ll train them to be monster hunters in their own right and, hopefully, their own series.

We are 100% behind this. We love Supernatural and we love this idea. The subversion of the Final Girl trope is brilliant, the idea sounds great and we can’t wait to see the episode. Between this and the Scooby Doo crossover, the road ahead for Supernatural looks set to take it to some new, and very welcome, places.

Thanks to Deadline for the original story.

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