Read The First Chapter Of Andy Weir’s New Novel, Artemis

Read The First Chapter Of Andy Weir’s New Novel, Artemis

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The Martian, written by Andy Weir, is one of those effortlessly gripping SF novels that come along every once in a while. The film is, in some ways, even better. Matt Damon’s rarely been better, Donald Glover and Benedict Wong are fantastic and the ending contains not only one of the best uses of ‘I Will Survive’ in history but also shows the emotional weight of just what Mark Watney went through.

Now, Weir is faced with the enviable task of following the novel up. His second book, Artemis, is due out 14 November. Here’s the synopsis:

The story follows Jasmine Bashara, a.k.a. Jazz, an aimless yet prodigal twentysomething who yearns to leave her boring, small-town life behind for something bigger and better. Except in Jazz’s case, her small town is named Artemis and just so happens to be the first–and only–city on the moon. But life on the moon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you’re not obscenely wealthy.

And here, thanks to Readitforward, is the first chapter!

Artemis is out 14 November. The movie, we’d guess, won’t be too far behind.

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